Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The practice of taking food when dieting with ALPHA LIPID SD2 

Can we take rice together with it? 

Indeed, this is the question most "hot" every time I see customers who want to buy products Alphalipid SD11. It is because rice is the main food of Malaysians, so abandon eating rice is something very difficult to do.

For starters, when taking Alphalipid SD11 product, I suggest that may reduce intake of carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, bread and sugary drinks . It is better if left for a while .. The carbohydrates that you can take a day is only 35g.

Why do you have to abstain from carbohydrates? 
By limiting carbohydrate intake, the body will begin to burn fat in your body as fuel used to make your everyday work and it will cause your weight will shrink. and in the meantime, you must consume more protein as meat, chicken and fish to add your muscles so as not mushy.

The most important is that don't starve, because if you're hungry and your metabolism will decrease combustion. Your fat becomes slow, the main reason why many people do not successfully lose weight quickly.

In Alphalipid SD11 there are green tea extract that will help speed up your weight loss, apart from it every 2 scoop you take Alphalipid D11 has 10gm protein used for your daily needs.

 So there are 3 important things you should follow when taking Alphalipid SD11.
 1. Avoid Carbohydrates
2. Eat protein foods.
3. Do not be hungry

Additional to speed up weight loss, you can make light exercise such as brisk walking, cycling and swimming, it will help increase your body's metabolism.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Keep Slim and Thin (without Starving)

Keep Slim and Thin without Starving

It sounds like you can not believe but that is the reality when you follow a healthy diet program with Slim Diet 11 (SD2).

Slim 11 Diet is famous slimming products in New Zealand and now a new market in Malaysia.

Program based on the storage of protein and dietary ketogenik is the study group of physicians from Harvard Medical University (Dr.George Cahill and Dr. George Blackburn).

Advantages Slim Diet program with alpha lipid sd11:
  • It is safe because it is based on soy protein and nutrition balanced.
  • Does not contain any kind of harmful drug and it is the product under monitor by physicians researchers.

SD2 program also is more economical when compared to other programs that are based on physical exercise and calorie control. Meaning here is cost pe rkg for weight loss are cheaper.

SD2 also cause Detoxification and cleansing the body system naturally.  No need additional medication for this process. Simply by drinking plenty of water.

Most importantly, we can achieve the maximum weight loss in a short time and the possibility of adding back the weight, or yo-yo effect 'can be reduced.

Principle approaching weight loss naturally and it has proven effective and safe/ .SLIM DIET II supplies all the balanced nutrition as high-quality protein, vitamins, mineral and essential fatty acids in amounts equal need. It has also been enriched with protein (soy protein isolate) . health being experienced improved without you realizing it, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory problems and obesity. God willing ... 

Agonizing hunger. Just eat your normal meals 3 times a day. It has no side effects and discomfort that often occurs in the normal weight loss program to another.

  1.      Weight reduction through SLIM DIET II is simple, safe and effective.
  2.      Weight reduction is DEFINITELY while hunger is avoided.
  3.      The most important is the possibility of adding back the weight reduction is very low.   

Preparing a drink of Alpha Lipid SDII

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is Alpha Lipid SD2

Alpha Lipid SD2

If you are serious to lose your weight please read below!

Alpha Lipid SD2 is a product of New Image Asia which has been established for over 21 years in the market and it has proven to successfully lose weight naturally, safely and effectively.

Alpha Lipid SDII created from the research group of physicians from Harvard Medical University, Dr. George Cahill and Dr. George Blackburn.

This product is a comprehensive blend of high quality, made ​​from non-GMO soy protein, fiber, green tea leaf extract, vitamins and minerals.

Diet technique without starving

ALSD2 program is weight management program adopts protein diet, in which you must eat (other carbohydrates) without having to leave your daily eating routine. Therefore, you will not feel tired and lethargic instead you feel energetic even the fat burning process takes place.

     Eat more protein eg chicken, beef, fish, eggs, seafood and vegetables.

     Reduce your intake of carbohydrates eg rice, starchy foods, wheat

     Drink 8 glasses of water a day so that fat can parched out through urine and perspiration

With Alpha Lipid SD2, weight loss will occurs naturally. Lipid formula and green tea leaf extracted both work to increase your body's metabolism and stimulating fat burning rate inside your body.  
Therefore, the breakdown of fat still occur naturally.
In addition, the protein content will maintain muscle mass and tighten your skin after you successfully achieve your ideal weight.