Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is Alpha Lipid SD2

Alpha Lipid SD2

If you are serious to lose your weight please read below!

Alpha Lipid SD2 is a product of New Image Asia which has been established for over 21 years in the market and it has proven to successfully lose weight naturally, safely and effectively.

Alpha Lipid SDII created from the research group of physicians from Harvard Medical University, Dr. George Cahill and Dr. George Blackburn.

This product is a comprehensive blend of high quality, made ​​from non-GMO soy protein, fiber, green tea leaf extract, vitamins and minerals.

Diet technique without starving

ALSD2 program is weight management program adopts protein diet, in which you must eat (other carbohydrates) without having to leave your daily eating routine. Therefore, you will not feel tired and lethargic instead you feel energetic even the fat burning process takes place.

     Eat more protein eg chicken, beef, fish, eggs, seafood and vegetables.

     Reduce your intake of carbohydrates eg rice, starchy foods, wheat

     Drink 8 glasses of water a day so that fat can parched out through urine and perspiration

With Alpha Lipid SD2, weight loss will occurs naturally. Lipid formula and green tea leaf extracted both work to increase your body's metabolism and stimulating fat burning rate inside your body.  
Therefore, the breakdown of fat still occur naturally.
In addition, the protein content will maintain muscle mass and tighten your skin after you successfully achieve your ideal weight.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Lose Weight Quickly in Effective Way

Some people want to lose weight in a short period of time without knowing the risks. What a way to lose weight fast, safe and healthy for people who want to look beautiful.?

In process of losing weight we do not only lose fat but we also lose a combination of body fat and muscle tissue inside the body. Studies have shown that when we diet we lost an average of 75 percent fat and 25 percent muscle. This is why we not only lose fat but also muscle tissue.
Speed ​​of weight loss varies for every people. It depends on various factors including lifestyle, current weight, physical activity, genetics and individual stress levels.

Below are the tips how you can lose your weight quickly in a Safe Way

healthy food
1. Control Your Diet

     Make sure you stop before you feel full or too full.

     Did you know, every surplus food / calories you eat will turn into FAT if it does not burn through your daily activity.


 Fact: Every excess of 8000 units of calories in your body, your weight will go up 1KG!

2. Reduce Carbohydrates, Eat much protein

     For your information, the intake of carbohydrates in large quantities will nourish your body. Even carbohydrates only provide a temporary satiation effects (2 hours away) and then you will feel hungry again.

     Protein was faster filling and the feeling of fullness last longer.

     If you cut back on carbohydrates (take a small portion only), your body will burn fat as an alternative source of energy supply to you every day. Therefore your body  will look slim!

3. Do not keep your stomach empty! (Care Your Meal Time)

     Do not forget to eat breakfast because it will increase your metabolism. So your fat burning rate also grew faster!

     Eat every two hours and the interval with snacks so you do not feel too hungry.

     Your metabolism has dropped after 7.00 pm. Each food consumed after that will be digested slowly and cause obesity.
       Want to know how do you diet without starving, check alpha lipid sd2

4. Avoid / Reduce sugar in drinks and caffein

     Examples of sugary water is carbonated water. Sugar content in the water gas is very high, 7-8 teaspoons of sugar per serving!

     Excessive sugar intake will cause obesity and will cause serious diseases such as diabetes.
     While caffeine was not only causes decreased metabolism (impact gemuklah!), But also can remove nutrients such as vitamins from your body.

5. Drink plain water at least 8 Glasses per Day

     Plain water is very good for your body because almost the entire body of water. Thus, the practice of drinking 8 glasses of plain water (2-3 liters) a day.

     In addition, adequate water removes waste products that are not needed by your body. Fat outlined also eliminated through urine and perspiration.

6. Perform Physical Activity / Do some Light Exercise

      You are encouraged to do light physical activity (30 minutes) every day to burn the calories in your body.
     The easiest way: You hold a deep breath (in the stomach) as long as possible, then release it. Do at least 7 times a day. This activity will help your stomach deflate.

     Besides,  use the stairs if the office / home if not too high. In fact, you can also practice this activity while in a shopping mall. 

7. Choose a Best Diet & Slimming Program
      Note: Do not throw your money in the slimming center. Once you walk into their office, you have to pay RM300 just to get advice & consultation.

     If you think their machines can manage your body, you're wrong! Finally, you will be given a very strict diet schedule so one of your menu is a carrot sticks for an afternoon!

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8. Positive thinking

Set some goal to lose weight and you might probably made it.


Good Luck!


How many cans of Alpha Lipid SD2 I Need?

If you ask me the opinion, i will say 4 cans of Alpha Lipid SD2 is the best for one month supply.

Easy, because for a month that is a good time to optimum and increase your metabolism as well as sustain it. This is important because the main function of Alpha Lipid SD2 is not forced to get rid of fat from your body but 
enhance the functionality of your body and metabolism so that fat burning in your body act more active.

At the end of the month, you will see a big change either in number or weight or measurement of your body


What if I bought two cans of Alpha Lipid SD2?

Not a big deal though, since the minimum intake
recommendation  is 2 cans of Alpha Lipid SD2 supply for 2 weeks. For your knowledge,  the first 2 weeks mainly important because it is a critical time for your body to adjust to the new diet, and also, to increase your metabolism to a higher level.

No exaggeration to say that taking only 1 can (for a week) just wasting your time  because you do not get a real benefit of this miracle Alpha Lipid SDII. Yes, you might have decrease a weight or circumference of your body, but your metabolism may still not rise to a high level. Therefore, your weight will likely return to the original in a short time span!